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Are you considering divorce, but you are not certain exactly how a divorce mediation attorney in Oklahoma City OK could benefit you? The fact is that traditional, litigation-based divorce is just not the right choice for everyone.

Newer, collaborative methods have been making inroads in recent years. Many of our clients find that mediation, arbitration and other cooperative methods are far superior to other options offered by an Oklahoma City divorce attorney. Our Oklahoma City family law firm is committed to helping you improve the outcome of your divorce — and save your sanity in the process — by exploring some of these alternative approaches.


How a divorce mediation attorney in Oklahoma City OK can help your family

When you think of divorce, you probably imagine a courtroom in which one Oklahoma City divorce attorney is fighting dramatically for the interests of his or her client. Although this is our common vision of American divorce, your marital dissolution does not have to be so contentious. A mediation-based approach can help you and your family resolve divorce issues faster, cheaper and without the mental strain associated with litigation-based options.

Oklahoma City mediation involves the civil meeting of the two parties to hash out issues such as property division, alimony and child custody. Instead of bitter fighting in court, both spouses can expect respectful discussions designed to get results instead of punish the other party. A mediation lawyer in Oklahoma City OK can help you:

  • Spend less on your divorce proceeding
  • Lower the impact of the divorce on your kids
  • Achieve faster, more equitable results
  • Eliminate the courts as the grand decision-maker during your divorce

Take back the control you deserve by choosing a divorce mediation attorney in Oklahoma City OK. Your family deserves an expeditious, fair divorce proceeding. Contact us today to learn how to get started down this more reasonable path.