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Minimize the risk of losing a certain level of access to your children by working with a professional Oklahoma City child custody lawyer. At Family Law Oklahoma City, our team of professionals will act on your behalf and ensure that the best interests of the child are ultimately served.



Establishing a child custody agreement


When you work with our staff, your Oklahoma City child custody attorney will carefully comb through the many factors that determine the best interests of a child. Some of these factors might include:


  • Age of the child
  • Physical and mental health of parents
  • Current relationships
  • The needs of the child (i.e. education, living arrangements, etc.)
  • Any history of domestic violence or other incidents


By scrutinizing each of these factors, your child custody lawyer in Oklahoma City OK will be able to effectively work with the courts to adopt an agreement that ensures your child or children are being taken care of properly.



Modifying child custody agreement


Harnessing the knowledge and experience of a professional Oklahoma City child custody lawyer is also important in a case where you want to modify the existing child custody arrangement, or the other parent is attempting to make a modification.


Things can change over time and child custody agreements can become outdated. This is a very important tool, but only with the right Oklahoma City child custody attorney by your side.


While your child custody attorney in Oklahoma City OK will prove to be kind, compassionate and accessible, they will fight aggressively to make sure your best interests, and the best interests of any children involved, are served.


Gain a legal leg up by working with an experienced Oklahoma City child custody lawyer. The team at Family Law Oklahoma City is standing by to hear from you. Contact us right now.