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If you are having difficulty understanding exactly how your marital property will be divided during divorce, you need the assistance of a marital asset division attorney in Edmond OK. Dividing marital property can be challenging for even those couples who have simple estates, according to experts.

The more complicated holdings include retirement accounts, pensions and other types of investments. Without the help of an Edmond marital asset division lawyer, you could find yourself left out of the lion’s share of the property division. Understanding the difference between marital property and separate property is the first step toward achieving parity in property division.

A marital asset division lawyer in Edmond OK can help you categorize your holdings to promote a fair decision.


A marital asset division attorney in Edmond OK will fight for your rights

Almost everyone brings at least some property into their marriage. In general, the physical assets that accompany you into the marriage also leave with you. However, other assets may also be deemed separate property, even if they were received during the course of the marriage. Your Edmond marital asset division lawyer knows that these include:

  • Gifts from a third party (i.e. your mother gives you a family heirloom)
  • Inheritances, so long as they are not comingled in a shared account
  • Payments from civil decisions for pain and suffering in a personal injury suit

These categories are fairly general, so it is important to seek the help of an Edmond marital asset division attorney to determine whether your asset is likely to be divided during the divorce. All property that was acquired throughout the marriage is considered “fair game” during your divorce — even that retirement account with only your spouse’s name on it!

You deserve equal treatment in the courts when it comes to your marital property. A marital asset division attorney in Edmond OK can help you exercise your legal rights and get the divorce settlement you deserve.