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walk-to-sea-together-silhouette-mom-daughter-30350746Welcome to a firm that puts you in the care of a dependable family law attorney Oklahoma City OK to help you work through the tough problems that come with these intimate legal issues. We are Family Law Oklahoma City, and we would like to invite you to speak to a member of our staff and see how our professionals can serve as an invaluable asset for you during these difficult times.


Our team specializes in virtually every corner of family law. This includes everything from child custody and adoption to divorce, paternity and domestic violence. Each of these scenarios come with their own set of challenges and confusing emotions, but you can trust that your family law attorney in Oklahoma City OK has been there before and will guide you through it.



What you can expect from Family Law Oklahoma City


Our firm has worked hard to become one of the premier family law practices in the greater Oklahoma City area. When you work with an Oklahoma City family lawyer from our staff, you can expect a number of things.


  • Clear, straightforward instruction: Men and women can become easily intimidated by legal jargon. With a qualified family attorney in Oklahoma City OK on your side, you will work with a professional that can explain to you the details of your case in clear language that you will understand.
  • Access to your lawyer: It defeats the purpose if you hire a family law attorney that doesn’t treat you like a priority. Our clients receive focused attention from their family law attorney in Oklahoma City OK and can get feedback whenever they have a question or concern.
  • Stewards of your time and expenses: If you work with overly litigious professionals, you will find yourself constantly in court — and paying for it. Many family law matters, such as divorce, are best when you take a collaborative approach. We know when to compromise in order to spare your time, energy and money.
  • Fiercely guarding your best interests: At the same time, our staff will go to bat for you and make sure that your best interests are served. We know when to compromise and when to stand strong.


Divorce, and many other family law issues, can be particularly emotional. We provide you with legal professionals that will help you work past those emotions to make sound decisions that will affect the outcome of your legal proceeding.


Working with our firm means working with a family attorney in Oklahoma City OK that gets it. Let us work for you and help you reach your goals.

Contemplating separation? Reach out to us for a consultation

Contemplating separation? Reach out to us for a consultation